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24 gentle shushing sounds to help your baby fall asleep.

More effective than lullabies or white noise.

We all know getting a baby to sleep can be tricky! And shushing for a baby can be tiring, especially if your baby is crying constantly!

Play the shushing sounds to calm your baby to sleep. Check out all the shushing sounds to see what suits your baby.

Featuring 12 different female and 12 different male shushing sounds.

The Shhh & Sleep app helps soothe your baby to sleep and if you've spent hours shushing your baby to sleep, you'll want to try this app!

Using the app is simple, just play the shushing sounds close to your baby and the app will play continuously until you switch it off. Your baby will calm down, relax and then drift off to sleep.

The HD version provides these additional benefits:

Play offline, no need for an internet connection, saving data/wifi

Go ad-free

Allow you to lock the phone screen and save battery

Multitask, allow Shhh and Sleep to play in the background

Greater volume control