1. General

1.1 Danish Bake UK Limited of 17-18 Aylesbury Street, London, United Kingdom, EC1R 0DB trading as Ole & Steen (“us” or “we”) offers a loyalty programme on food and drinks bought at the physical Ole & Steen stores in the UK (our “Stores”).

1.2 Ole & Steen is owned by Danish Bake A/S, CVR 30530470, Amerikavej 21, 1756 Copenhagen V, Denmark.

2. Who can participate

2.1 Private individuals residing in the UK who are 18 years of age or above are eligible to participate in the loyalty programme. Participation is free and does not require purchase of our products.

2.2 To become a member of our loyalty programme you must have a mobile phone number and a debit or credit card.

3. Registration and membership

3.1 You can sign up in any Store or through the Ole & Steen mobile app via the App Store or Google Play (the “App”).

3.2 To sign up to the loyalty programme you are required to provide personal and contact information (such as your name and phone number) as well as register the payment card(s) you want to use in Stores. Most regular payment cards can be linked to your profile, such as VISA, MasterCard, VISA electron, American Express, etc.

3.3 For further information about how we use and store the information that you provide to us please see section 8.

3.4 Storebox, which is part of NETS, is responsible on our behalf for security in regards to the payment card information and data you provide to us. We will not be in possession of your payment card information. Storebox alone will store and handle it. Storebox stores such information in a PCI compliant environment. The systems which contain payment card data are tested by external security experts. For further information visit https://en.storebox.com. You may also potentially store payment card information in the App on your mobile phone in accordance with clause 6.

3.5 Any changes to your personal information or your payment cards can be updated directly via the App. If you wish to change the phone number associated with the loyalty programme you must send details of the request to: support@storebox.com.

3.6 To log in to your account you will only need the 4 digit code that we will send to your phone.

3.7 You can deregister at any time by sending an email, including your phone number, to info@oleandsteen.co.uk. At deregistration you will forfeit all registered bonuses you have accrued and lose the opportunity to redeem any rewards.

4. How does it work

4.1 When you use your registered card for buying/shopping in Store we will collect information on the number of cups of hot drinks you have purchased and the total amount you have spent.

4.2 After you have bought 10 hot drinks, your 11th will be free and, in addition, for every £100 spent you will be eligible to receive a reward of (i) our trademark “social” pastry or (ii) two loaves of bread at no extra cost. Each reward has an approximate value of £10.

4.3 The amount you have spent will be converted into points in the App with each £1 being worth 10 points.

4.4 We may introduce other offers and benefits at any time and will inform you of these through the App and possibly via email when we do.

5. Purchases through the App

5.1 As at March 2017, you are not yet able to place orders or make payments through the App. When changes have been effected so you can do so, the rest of this clause 5, and clauses 6 and 7, shall apply.

5.2 When you purchase through the App payment is deducted from your card only when you have picked up your goods in Store.

5.3 When you are using the App you will be asked which Store you will pick up your goods from. Once selected, this will be the Store that your goods will be waiting for you in.

5.4 You will choose the time and date for pickup of the order. Your order will typically be available within 5 minutes of the chosen pick-up time. In cases where the order is not ready for pickup at the Store you have chosen, we will pack and ready the order as soon as we can after you arrive in the Store.

5.5 You can track your purchases made through the App by clicking “buy online” in the bottom right hand corner. Here you will see a digital receipt of every purchase made by clicking “previous purchases”.

6. Terms for storing payment card information in the App

6.1 You have the option of storing your card information in the App to make ordering more convenient. Any such information will be stored for the sole purpose of paying for purchases made through the App, once the ability to make payments through the App has been activated as referred to in clause 5.1. For further information about how we use and store the information that you save to the App please see section 8.

6.2 As a precaution, all payment card information saved to the App will be erased if it is not used for a period of 12 months.

6.3 Information stored on the App can be erased at any time. Simply click the card you want to erase under the “my profile” menu and choose “delete card”.

6.4 If you choose to store your credit or debit card information please be aware that there is am increased risk of misuse of your card if you give other people access to the App.

7. Cancelling App purchases

7.1 Please make sure that you are happy with your order before you submit it. Due to the fact that we will be making your order fresh, and the goods are “perishable”, we are unable to offer refunds if you wish to cancel an order.

8. Use of personal information

8.1 By registering for our loyalty programme you grant us permission to process the data you provide us with for the purpose of informing and administering the benefits of the loyalty programme.

8.2 At registration we may collect the following information: (a) your personal information such as name, date of birth and email address; (b) payment card information; and (c) your mobile phone number.

8.3 When your registered debit or credit card is used for purchases in Store and the App we may collect and process the following information: (a) the purchases made, including total amount/number of cups of hot drinks; (b) your ongoing use of the App; and (c) your purchasing history. This information is used in order for us to track your benefits and earn rewards as part of the loyalty programme. [We may also use the information to make suggestions and recommendations to you about our products or services that may interest you.

8.4 Additionally, we may use the information you provide us with for: (a) collecting anonymized statistics to help us develop our Stores, goods for sale, offers and other business operating initiatives; and (b) sharing your anonymized information with business partners.

8.5 Data will be shared with data- processors, eg. Storebox as described in section 3.4. This is solely for the purpose described in this section 8. Our contracts with data- processors ensure that personal data is handled in accordance with our instructions only and in compliance with the dataprotection law.

8.6 You have the right to ask us not to process your personal data for the purposes of sending you marketing communications. You can at any time exercise your right to prevent such processing by emailing us with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line or by writing to us at the address above, giving us details of your email address and phone number, and requesting to be unsubscribed from our communications.

8.7 You can at any time request access to the information about you that we have in our possession by contacting us at the email address at section 11.

9. General

9.1 The rewards earned on the loyalty programme are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred or assigned to anybody else without our express permission.

9.2 Whilst we will always try our best to provide your reward straight away, rewards are always subject to availability at the time in the Store in question.

9.3 rewards are always subject to availability at the time in the Store in question. We reserve the right to terminate your account and your participation in the loyalty programme if we believe that you have breached these terms and conditions or that the use of your account is unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful.

9.4 We also reserve the right to “unregister” you if your account has been inactive for 12 consecutive months. “Inactive” means that you have not used the loyalty programme in that time.

9.5 We at all times reserve the right to terminate, discontinue, cancel or amend the loyalty programme at any time, in our sole discretion and without any prior notice to you.

9.6 Any changes made to the loyalty programme will be communicated to you through the App or via an SMS. Changes will be considered as accepted if you continue to use the App after we have notified you of any change.

9.7 These terms and conditions and any matters arising out of them shall be governed by English law and the laws of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any matter arising out of them.

10. Consumer Rights

10.1 None of these terms and conditions affects any of your statutory rights as a consumer.

11. Contact and complaints

11.1 If you have any questions or complaints about the loyalty programme please contact: info@oleandsteen.co.uk.

11.2 If there is any issue that you are not able to resolve with our team you may be eligible to lodge your complaint on the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform which is available at www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

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