You Speak Well …. 
When Your Tongue Delivers Your Wisdom From the Heart so Your Listeners May Absorb It With Purpose & Intention

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All SPEAKER Programs are not created equal. You will remember THIS Speaker Bootcamp as you are learning from The NLP Grandmaster who is known as the fast tracked female speakers (in a male dominated industry) and established coaching programs for THE leading organization in the professional self-development & NLP world. It’s most important to know what to do when, stop trying to “figure it out” and start implementing proven methods from the Grandmaster herself.

In this 1 month dynamic, hands-on and accelerated workshop you will be lead through

  • The PREPARED ENVIRONMENT, because there is no second chance in making the first impression  
  • The PREPARED THOUGHTS, because the quality of your results equals the quality of your mindset 
  • The PREPARED PEOPLE, because when you speak well you deliver the message from your heart
  • The PREPARED ACTIONS, because intentional actions are the accelerator to your success 

It is your time to be known and heard as the leading speaker in your industry, and because speakers like you are learners, you understand that content is queen but context is king - online and offline, virtually and in front of a room. Within our session you will learn to 

  • Master Stage Presence 
  • Speaking TO your Audience - not OVER them
  • Build RAPPORT one to many
  • Have a lasting SALES conversation with a Call to Action that begins at the beginning of your speaking engagement (and how to do that)
  • Communicate 5 layers deep
  • Implement the secret structure  of a speaking gig

1 month, 4 Thursday 12pm - 1pm est live online:
February 16, February  23, March 2, March 9 PLUS our special BONUS:
TEDx-ray session on March 16 at no additional cost.
Get the insights to not just be a powerful speaker, but what it takes to speak on a TEDx stage.

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