Discover the transformative power of joy and community as we share the incredible success of our City of Joy event in Lewisburg, PA


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We invite you to join us in celebrating the incredible achievements of our week-long journey in Lewisburg, PA. The City of Joy event was a resounding success, featuring an outstanding panel of participants who showcased the transformative power of joy and community.

Throughout the week, Cynthia, Kim, and I had the privilege of attending various events, where we came together to share, learn, and celebrate. It became abundantly clear that the JOYELY vision has the potential to enrich not only our lives but also serve as an inspiration for cities nationwide. The panel discussion, led by passionate individuals deeply committed to the City of Joy concept, resonated deeply with everyone in attendance. Each panelist shared their unique perspectives on engagement, leadership, resilience, and community connection, emphasizing the profound influence joy can have on personal and collective growth. The consensus was crystal clear: there is immense potential in embracing joy as a driving force for positive change.

The Mayor's message added significant weight to the event, underlining our support for the city and our partnerships with the CommUnity Zone and the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership. We are dedicated to supporting their missions and ensuring that downtown remains the heart and soul of Lewisburg, with the Chairs of Joy fully endorsing this vision. This call to action extends far beyond our community, encouraging others to follow suit and fostering a ripple effect of happiness, resilience, and empowerment.

As we reflect on this remarkable week, we are filled with excitement about the potential that lies ahead for the City of Joy Initiative. We eagerly anticipate assisting other cities in embarking on their transformative journey to joy, envisioning a brighter, more joyful future for communities across the nation. So, we ask you, what about your city? Would you like to begin a conversation with us? We believe that together, we can make this vision a reality.

With joy and gratitude,
Sheryl and the City of Joy Team

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What's happening in JOYELY Ambassadors' World

Congratulations to Minx Boren, our esteemed JOYELY Ambassador as she was honored by the Women's Foundation of FL Raise the Bar with The Judith Selzer Icon Award for her many generous years of service to the Women's Foundation of Florida and the work in the community empowering women and girls.

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