We welcome our ambassador Terese Parkin as our guest contributor this week.


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We welcome our ambassador Terese Parkin as our guest contributor this week.

As a little girl, my desire for approval from others began with being called a name on the playground. I am sure many of us have had an experience that made us want to “fit in” and “be liked.”

I wish I had the Chair of Joy experience to understand that joy resides within me. I was born with it!

For 60 years, I sought approval and affirmation that I was worthy. I compared myself to others and strived to be like them. This led to my struggle with anorexia. Thankfully, a doctor scared me into changing my eating habits. I have always cherished and loved exercise and movement in nature. Now, I understand that movement, momentum, and our thoughts can truly transform our lives.

In the last year, meeting Sheryl Lynn through Jennifer Cavender has opened up my world and helped me tap into the joy that resides inside me. I imagine the Chair of Joy in nature, whether sitting on a tree, a beach, or atop a mountain.

My own Chair of Joy at home is like a best friend. I sit in it several times a day, for 2 minutes or 10, reflecting on the many joyful moments I have experienced. Sometimes, I ponder the challenges that have crossed my life and envision the resolutions and lessons they hold.

When I was a young 19-year-old working mom, I had a precious yellow bean bag chair that was my “happy chair.” I would rise early, tend to my baby, work, and then come home to handle domestic chores. It was exhausting! My husband and friends would watch me bustling about, and they would place bets on how quickly I would fall asleep once I collapsed onto that bright yellow bean bag chair. I must admit, it didn't take long. We called it the “magic chair.”

I am delighted to have recalled that chair as I wanted to write about my personal way of calming myself during stressful times. It's especially remarkable that my chair was yellow!

I could have utilized the practice of the Chair of Joy to help me experience joy throughout the day.

This past year has brought many highs and lows for my family. We lost an aunt, my sister, and also my dear mom. I am deeply grateful that I was undergoing training to become a JOYELY Ambassador during this time. Sheryl helped me through this tough period by encouraging me to practice the Chair of Joy multiple times daily. This practice has carried me through the sad and gut-wrenching losses we experienced.

I am proclaiming to my friends, family, and groups the message of JOYELY and The Chair of Joy.

Thank you so much, Sheryl, for trusting your heart and vision.


Sheryl Lynn

CEO of JOYELY, Founder & Visionary of The Chair of Joy™ Experience
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