Lessons Learned from Little Humans!

Transform your classroom with effective play based strategies: Lesson learned from little humans!

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Happy New Year!


I hope your new year is off to a great start!  As someone deeply invested in the field of education, I am sure you can appreciate the significance of play in a child's developmental journey. It is through play that children make sense of their world, fostering connections and shaping their understanding of the environment around them.


However, an observation I have made in various classrooms is that many educators mistakeably disrupt the crucial process of play, leading to frustration among children and, consequently, an increase in challenging behaviors. The consequences are often felt in the form of chaotic classrooms, toys being tossed, and a generally stressful learning environment.

If you have witnessed similar challenges in your school, rest assured that I have a solution for you. I advocate for the "KLFF" method, emphasizing the importance of being Kind, Loving, Firm, and Fair with children. This involves clearly explaining expectations and consistently following through.


In my coaching membership program, I address this challenge by providing actionable advice, such as the "Connect Before You Correct" strategy. This involves understanding a child's motives by asking questions before jumping to corrective measures. Additionally, I guide educators on observing the natural unfolding of the four stages of play, waiting for invitations to join child-led play, and celebrating accomplishments without over-praising.

Continuous support through coaching is the key to transforming stress into joy. I invite you to set up a free consultation call to learn more about how my coaching membership can benefit your team. It is an investment that will undoubtedly set your team up for success in the new year.


Thank you for considering this opportunity, and I look forward to the possibility of working together to create a positive and enriching learning environment for your students.


Watch the full video on respectful play Here 👈🏽

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Wishing you well!

Prerna ❤️

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