Weekly email series: Lesson learned from little humans.

Weekly series: Lesson learned from little humans! 

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Happy Monday! 

This week I did in person observations at a preschool, while I was there the Director said, “Here we are at the end of April and so many of the teachers have checked out they are just so overwhelmed and the kids’ behaviors are reflecting them, maybe you can share some tips to turn things around.”

Does this sound familiar? Are you noticing this in your classrooms?

If you are ready to turn things around and reduce the stress and reactions, then I have you covered! One of the things I teach in my training and coaching is the acronym KLFF which stands for kind, loving, fair and firm. Children relate to these four approaches deeply. 

For example, when teachers display only one or two of these words then the kids act out! Are you labelling all the things they are doing wrong? (This is missing the KL) Are you giving only directions and not following through being inconsistent? (This is missing the FF)

When you implement KLFF your students are going to feel seen, heard, understood, and not only engaged in learning but will respect you and love being in your classroom.

Shifting from stressful to joyful and smoother classroom management is possible, this is exactly the type of thing I teach in the Behavior Coaching Program.  In this program you will learn effective strategies to reduce challenging behaviors and engage the brain for learning with lots of practical, effective and impactful strategies. You will leave the session rejuvenated, inspired, and motivated to change the way you are teaching little humans.

The behavior program provides ongoing accountability, through weekly homework implementing strategies shared and then coming back the next week and sharing what worked and what we still need to tweak. This is month to month program, once a week 1-hour online group sessions, I recommend a minimum of 3 months. It takes that long to break habits and patterns for the children and the educators. I have had a 100% success rate so far with all the schools I have supported.

Teachers feel supported and because it is individually designed, I am meeting them where they are in the professional journey. Helping them to become the best teachers you can be. 

Are you struggling at a certain time during the day, when challenging behaviors are at their worst? Respond to this email. I would love to help you out! 

Ready to learn about the Secrets to successful classroom management- I go into detail about understanding KLFF watch the full video here.  

P.S. If you are ready to go from stressful to joyful and would like to learn more about the KLFF approach book your free call today! 


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