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This is staff appreciation season! Are you planning all kinds of events for your team? Do you do it every year and still staff are ungrateful or don't appreciate all you do for them? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone, the reason is you are not speaking their "love language"

When we speak the “love languages” of our team they feel valued and appreciated. 

They are motivated and engaged. They become emotionally invested in their job, making them happy and fun to be around. As a result the children benefit, we see reduced challenging behaviors taking the classroom from stressful to joyful!  

A stressed teacher teaches stress.  A joyful teacher teaches joy! 

Do your co- teachers in individual classrooms or your admin team know each other’s “love languages?” 

One of my most requested training sessions is on team building: during this session we discuss four different animal personalities like the Lion, Beaver, Golden retriever, and the Otter. It is a fun and engaging session, when staff know how to communicate with each other, understand the different work styles and what respect sounds like to individuals, the results are transformational!

We also discuss the five “love languages.”

1.      Words of affirmation

2.      Tangible gifts

3.       Quality time

4.      Acts of service

5.      Physical touch

During a recent webinar I had participants from all over the US complete a survey with what staff want. You can download it for free!

Staff Appreciation ideas! 

P.S. If you have hired any new team members, you need to plan a teambuilding training. Book a free call today to learn more about the team building training mentioned above! 

P.S if you need the 5 love language quiz, email me! 

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