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Have you ever wondered why some teachers can’t seem to run a smooth classroom and have increased challenging behaviors? I am certainly seeing an increase in stressed out educators and children screaming, crying, hitting, being defiant, and lots of attention seeking behaviors. 

Most teachers are unaware of brain development and that’s why they are not doing it. When teachers understand that all behavior is a form of communication and that all behavior has meaning then they can respond appropriately. 

Behavior tells us there is an unmet need and when educators can meet the needs of the children they can focus, pay attention and then the learning can start.

 When children or educators are in their survival brain or their emotional brain they cannot learn or teach. For children to learn they need to feel safe, loved, accepted and then they are ready to learn. 

My training and coaching sessions are based on child development and current brain research, and I show teachers how they can “decode” the different behaviors with the correct response, it drastically changes the classroom. Children become happier, engaged in learning and the teachers can run smooth relaxed and joyful classrooms.

During my professional development training sessions, they will learn about effective strategies to reduce challenging behaviors and engage the brain for learning with lots of practical, effective, and impactful strategies.

Are you ready to fall in love with teaching again? Book your Inservice today, have all your staff leave the session rejuvenated, inspired, and motivated to change the way you are teaching little humans. 

P.S. If you are planning your annual in service in July/ August and want your team to learn effective strategies, book a free call today. I only have a few days left from being completely booked! 

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