Privacy Policy for BlueBible

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 7 Feb 2023

Collection of Data by BlueBible

Except as otherwise stated, BlueBible does not collect any personal information from you or about you from your use of the application.

User Generated Data

Data you generate within the BlueBible application is generally stored locally on your device and is not transmitted to BlueBible's back-end server, with the exception of posts, comments, and avatars in the 'BlueList' social feature, your day off group if you choose to make use of the 'Calendar Sharing' feature, and calendar/settings data if you make use of the Cloud Sync feature (which includes calendar data, notes, user settings, overtime, special employment, and time used).

User accounts and passwords

An email address and password are required to create an account. User authentication is handled by Firebase, which securely protects your password by converting it with a hashing algorithm, meaning that neither BlueBible nor Firebase have access to your original plain-text password.

Collection of Data by Other Entities

The operating system on your device and its associated application platform and/or application store (Entities) may collect personal and/or analytic information relating to your use of this application, including (but not limited to) crash data, operating system version, country/regional information, and other usage, analytic, and technical information. These Entities may share this information with BlueBible for purposes related to application development, testing, and troubleshooting, pursuant to their own privacy policies.

Third-Party Links and Websites

BlueBible links to some third-party websites. BlueBible does not track your browsing history or any other information about your usage of third-party websites. BlueBible does not assume any responsibility for your use of third-party websites or any data collected by third-party websites.

Cooperation with authorities

BlueBible believes strongly in user privacy, and the app is built in such a way to minimize the amount of personal data stored on BlueBible's servers about you. Nonetheless, BlueBible will cooperate with law enforcement authorities when compelled by court order, when required by administrative regulations, or when cooperation is reasonable and prudent to prevent harm or the commission of a criminal offense.

No guarantees or warranties expressed or implied

BlueBible makes no guarantees or warranties regarding your use of the app. Nothing in this policy or within the app shall be construed to create a guarantee, warranty, or obligation on the part of BlueBible. Use of the app and the information contained within is at your own risk.

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