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Liz Shakespeare

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A clever combination of fact and fiction, this book both illuminates and entertains - an extremely gripping read for anyone interested in family or social history. --Family History Monthly. March 2011The well-told tale is interspersed with images of real documents that underpin the narrative. --Your Family Tree. February 2011The Turning of the Tide by Liz Shakespeare is an immensely engaging story that captures the reader from the first page... --Historical Novel . 19/10/2010As would be expected of someone with Liz's track record, the historical research is meticulous. --Western Morning News 28/9/2010Liz Shakespeare understands the period commencing in 1871 perfectly well, describing the deprivation of the Union Workhouse as though she had suffered it herself. --Devon Family Historian. November 2010About the AuthorLiz Shakespeare was born in Devon, England and returned there after spendingseven years in London, where she obtained an honours degree in Englishand trained as a teacher. Her mother's family are from Devon and thefamily stories she grew up with and the sense of being deeply rooted inthe area have, she feels, influenced her writing.She draws herinspiration from the North Devon countryside, from the strong historical identity of the area and the sense of past lives that can beexperienced in any long-inhabited area. She is interested in socialhistory and particularly in the lives of the less advantaged. She has successfully self-published all her books, through choice ratherthan necessity. She now has many customers who are generous with theirappreciation, which is heartening after the years of solitary work! s and details of Liz's books can be seen at what are the best products to sell online The Turning of the Tide

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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. Five StarsBy Cyndy BeedellWonderfully written book.Full of interesting facts,you feel as if you are living beside her.Brilliant1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. While Turning The Pages.By maryandmaherWhat a joy to hold Liz Shakespeare's second novel The Turning of the Tide. It is a tome! A mighty one full of scholarship. An absolute delight. Her son's design for the dustcover is superb and Liz's research, amazing.The exquisite details. And each detail comes alive through the senses: the flickering oil lamps, the candles, the fire, the reflections in brass and mirrors and the squeaking of boots. There was so much silent suffering in those days and the silence demanded was deemed to be respectable. What could be visible and what should not be visible or heard .........a maid and her movements for instance. But a bosses' nailed boots rang 'like gunshots' in corridors and yards. And then the smell of bodies, hair oil, fish, vividly flesh out the text. In fact reflection seems an important theme within the novel: 'How do I look', 'What will other people think?' `I mustn't raise my head or eyes'. ` We must reflect the right impression'. Dress colour helped not draw attention to pregnancy.Maybe Liz Shakespeare's novel The Turning of the Tide by recalling the importance of a family's reputation in 19C England, will help us re-understand and perceive newly, the trauma and shame Asian communities can experience.21C Bideford (UK) people must be enchanted by living again in a book about 19C Bideford! It is so visual, a compliment and an honouring of a place, strongly imaging the knowing of one's place, the pecking order.I loved the Musical Hall scenes, Bridgeland Street, Mill Street and especially the way the sight and the sound of the river comforted. I hadn't thought that coastal peoples would travel so much by boat........but then I thought of the roads, so of course.Liz's inclusion of illustations: newspaper cuttings; `The Funny Event' except that it was followed by an awful event really highlight the text.Such a social history, particularly (which I haven't seen before) the smallest details of household jobs: how to do it, wet cloths, dry cloths: learning the rules and reading them out every day because 'she' the servant cannot read. The medical details were fascinating too.The perspective of a house or cottage being a place to keep dry rather than 'keep one in' made me think again and that being in service could actually be a form of prison; a 'tied cottage' .Buy or borrow this gripping, page turning novel. Every time I have loaned it to friends it has come back with lots of enthusiastic and positive comments.

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