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Diane Smith

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About the AuthorDiane Smith - entrepreneur, attorney, investor, author - moved from Washington, D.C. to Montana. There she discovered that the most interesting and pioneering people choose to live and work in the Nation's rural communities and small towns. After a career spent in Washington, D.C., she knew plenty about corporate politics and government policy, but entrepreneurship in Rural America taught her so much more. Her perspective on rural life economic development combined with her candid contrasts with urban perspectives are both entertaining and insightful. Her admiration of her small town neighbors is remarkable and her belief in the ability of Rural America to be a full contributor to America's economic vitality is unwavering. Join her as she lays out the facts, presents her case, and shakes up traditional thinking about Rural America. what product is most searched on google TheNewRural.Com

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. A needed conversationBy Frontier AngelIt's time we start talking seriously about what the "world being flat" means for rural America. A well thought out conversation starter about making a living and a life in rural America. One to watch.

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