Raw Family Signature Dishes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Essential Live-Food Recipes

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Victoria Boutenko

(Mobile pdf) Raw Family Signature Dishes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Essential Live-Food Recipes

"The Boutenkos have done it again. This excellent visual step-by-step guide makes raw food easy and approachable for anyone. A valuable kitchen resource."mdash;Ani Phyo, author of Anirsquo;s Raw Food Desserts and host of Anirsquo;s Raw Food Kitchen Show "One of the most helpful resources one could ask for in raw food preparation, whether you are a beginner or skilled raw food chef."mdash;Alyssa Cohen, author of Living on Live Foods "I love the delicious, creative food of the Boutenko Family. In fact, their journey into eating raw was a key inspiration for me to start my own company. . . . Raw Family Signature Dishes will be front and center in my library."mdash;Lara Merriken, founder of LAuml;RABAR "Only someone with the vast teaching experience that Victoria has could understand so deeply what it is that people want and need in order to succeed at a raw food lifestyle. Absolutely brilliant."mdash;Nomi Shannon, author of The Raw Gourmet and Raw Food Celebrations "Tried-and-true recipes that are delicious enough to eat week after week without having a lot of fancy equipment, expensive ingredients, or culinary expertise."mdash;Cherie Soria, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute "Another cool book from the Boutenkos. Rawsome!"mdash;Chef Juliano, author of Raw: The Uncook Book and owner of Julianorsquo;s Raw restaurantldquo;Have you ever made a recipe and found that it just didnrsquo;t turn out nearly as nice as the stunning color photo in the book? One thing that makes this uncook-book unique is its step-by-step guide with photos of each step in the process. With this book, no one can use the excuse that the learning curve for making raw is too hardhellip;I have dozens of raw food recipe books, but this one is destined to become a classicmdash;removing the mystique and fear of creating raw gourmet food once and for all!rdquo;mdash;Basil Spice ldquo;A unique and different un-cook book than any I've received so far.rdquo;mdash;Weekly Revvellations ldquo;[Raw Family Signature Dishes is] an innovative recipe book that is perfect for raw food beginners.rdquo;mdash;Raw Food Right Nowldquo;[This bookrsquo;s] simplicity is very comforting and almost like having an experienced friend in the kitchen with you.rdquo;mdash;Eco Mamarsquo;s Guide to Living Green ldquo;[Raw Family Signature Dishes] has a lot of pictures showing each stephellip; making it fabulous for beginners and those of us who like to oogle over food photos!rdquo;mdash;Crunchy Bitsldquo;I absolutely love this book! The pictures are awesome. I love the step by step instructions. This is a must have for someone just getting into the raw food diet!rdquo; mdash;Debra Garner, Vegan Family Styleldquo;Any interested in the blossoming raw food revolution will find this primer, Raw Family Signature Dishes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Essential Live-Food Recipes, provides an outstanding selection of dishes.rdquo; mdash;Midwest Book About the AuthorVictoria Boutenko teaches classes on raw food all over the world, and is an adjunct professor at Southern Oregon University. Her (and her familyrsquo;s) teachings have inspired raw food communities everywhere. A regular contributor to such publications as Get Fresh, Just Eat an Apple, Alive, and Natuurstemmingen, she lives in Ashland, OR. what are some good ideas for a website Raw Family Signature Dishes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Essential Live-Food Recipes

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. good solid recipes...but still dissappointingBy MBFirst off the the basic recipes in this book are great! If you don't do a lot of cooking and need pitures to help guide you through in the kitchen or are intimitated by the whole raw food approach, then this book is for you. However I found this book frustrating as it is really and truly a step by step guide. It has pictures of EVERY single step for each recipe. There are only approx 20 recipes and for myself I do not need pictures of how to chop a pineapple to make a smoothie........I bought it because it was titled raw family and I was looking for raw food recipes to feed an infant, no luck.6 of 7 people found the following review helpful. A disappointing buyBy DulseElevenI found this book very disappointing. While the author's goal was to present her recipes to her readers as clearly as possible, she stretched it too far. The book is full of pictures through out, it should have been called a pictorial book. I wouldn't mind seeing pictures esp. if they are necessary but this book shows pictures of almost every move in the kitchen! For example: page 5 shows pouring of olive, agave, lemon juice in 3 separate pictures. Don't readers know how to pour them all in 1 container? On the same page, chopping ginger and adding it to the blender-- why show each step in separate pictures when it could have been done in 1. I mean the whole page could have just showed 1 or 2 photos and still got the directions clear, instead of 6. And that's just page 5. the same pattern is repeated throughout the 160-page book. Just one more example: page 19: slicing the carrots and putting them in the blender was shown in 3 photos, then it's followed by 4 other pictures showing the same ingredient being blended and poured. The presentation is just ridiculously pre-schooler. Waste of space.Having said that i don't necessarily put the whole blame on the author but equally on her reviewers and editors and whoever saw the final copy.I will still try to buy another Boutenko book as i've heard more positive reviews about her and her raw family.It's just too bad that i started with this one.0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. Great start for raw foodBy Linda CondorThis book seems a good place to start when going raw. I really like all the full color, step by step illustrations. There are not too many recipes, but enough to give a cook an idea of raw creating. I really like the section in the back telling what equipment she uses and even where to find it. I would use this book as a companion to her others or to get someone interested in raw foods. I am happy with my purchase.

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