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From the AuthorChapter by ChapterPart I: INTRODUCTIONPart II: DIAGNOSTIC TEST EXPLANATIONSPart III: PROBLEM SOLVING EXPLANATIONSPart IV: DATA SUFFICIENCY EXPLANATIONSPart V: HORACIO'S HOT LISTPart VI: OG PROBLEM LISTS BY CATEGORYAbout the AuthorIn the last decade, Manhattan GMAT has grown from a single, dedicated tutor to a major test prep company with locations across the country. Our philosophy is simple: We aim to help students achieve their goals by providing the best curriculum and the highest-quality instructors in the industry. Manhattan GMAT hires fewer than 1 in 10 qualified applicants for its teaching positions, ensuring every instructor has years of experience and a 99th percentile score. So you can trust our books are developed by the very best. how do i get free books Official Guide Companion (Manhattan Gmat Prep)

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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful. Excellent Resource if you need help with Quant from the OGBy GMAT Club (Expert)The book is another high quality product from Manhattan GMAT. The reason for an Official Guide Companion is that many ofus may use OG 12 as the GMAT Bible but struggle with some of the questions/explanations. This book does 2 main things: 1)Provides more extensive and clearer explanations to quantitative questions based on the input from MGMAT students and 2)Shows alternative ways to solve problems, often pointing out shortcuts.Highlights: * GREAT: Alternative methods of solution (shortcut ideas) for the questions, esp helpful for the DS questions * GREAT: Difficulty level identified for every question - apparently the OG 12 is not truly organized by difficulty, which many of us had a suspicion about. Knowing difficulty allows you to understand while level you are at. * GOOD: Expanded and more detailed explanations to the OG 12 math questions * BAD: No Verbal question coverage (should really be called Quant Companion)REMEMBER: Always use a timer for your practice; even a first-grader can figure out how to solve a question in an hour.BOTTOM LINE: If you struggle with Math from the Official Guide, then definitely get this book - You'll like the explanations. In this case, you may also want to pick up Foundations of GMAT Math too.If you are OK with math, you may not get as much from it since it is only designed for the Official Guide and is NOT a Guide/Strategy book. For Math, you can pick up other MGMAT guides or the Kaplan Math Workbook (don't get both though).---------------------------------------See additional images (customer submitted images for illustration)Also, a download of the first 20 pages of this book is also available from publisher's websiteJust a few quick words about The Official Guide for GMAT Review:* The Official Guide is published by the creators of the GMAT and therefore it is the only source of actual GMAT questions representative of what you will see on the test.* The Official Guide contains only questions and lacks insightful information about the test, a math/verbal concept review section, or any test-taking strategies. To get up to speed, you will need to get a study guide such as Kaplan Premier Program or Princeton Review's Cracking the GMAT Cat.* The Official Guide should NOT be used as a study-guide. It is a collection of questions - think of it as a way to practice your test-taking strategies but not a way to learn them.Let me know if any questions about this book - I reply to comments.Best Regards,BB - GMAT 750Founder of GMATClub Community0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. MUST HAVE w/ OG BOOK!By Macha Green TeaYou HAVE to buy this as a supplement to the OG book. I don't know if they have a 13th Ed. yet for the new one, but this one was AMAZING for the 12th Ed. The solutions are WAY better explained and the shortcuts sometimes faster. Sure you could just google all the problems online, but who has time for that if you are studying without a laptop?Get this book!0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. essential supplementBy Babur Khalidessential supplement to official guide quant questions. provides direct mathematical solution and offers alternative pathways to solutions as well. recommended.

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