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Patrick MacGill

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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful. Armies really never changeBy T. VictorI must first admit that I read this book because it was free and was something about WW I experiences. What struck me was the very subtle humor of the author, who relates his experiences in training in England and his (and his unit's) final departure for the fighting. His reflections on military exercises and relations between elisted and officer indicate that for the most part this aspect of military life has not changed nor has the "hurry up and wait" syndrome. Quite amusing was his rendition of the "feigned" departures of the troops from the English village where they were billeted amongst the civilian population. Everyone is guessing when they will leave and where they will be going. After several farewells that ended in false starts (they turned out to be practice drills), one day the unit finally does board the train. The train proceeds to actually leave the station, then stops, backs up, and returns to the station - it was just another practice deployment! Perhaps the only disappointing part of the book is at the end, when the train is finally boarded for the real departure and they are off. But are they headed to France? To Egypt? To where? Ah, the author doesn't tell. Maybe it's in his other follow-on book, The Red Horizon, which I have just downloaded from for free.

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